To setup the Bradford Factor in the People system, please follow the steps below.

1. Click the 'Settings' Tab

2. You'll be directed to the 'Holiday & Absence' page

3. Click the button next to 'Bradford Factor Display - if the button says TURN ON, it is giving you the option to turn it on and is therefore currently turned off. 

4. If the display Bradford Factor option above is turned on, you can click on 'Enable Bradford Factor Alerts' check box for the Manager and Administrator to be notified when an employee has hit a trigger point.

5. You can change the rolling calculation period.

6. You can also change the trigger points by clicking on 'Edit'. In here you can change the lower and upper values and also the alert name.


Bradford Factor Score = Spell x Spell x Day

This is within the selected rolling month period.

A 'spell' is a recorded sickness with one or more consecutive days, and the day is each day added up. 

Example: if there were two sicknesses (spells), one of 3 consecutive days and the other just one single day, this adds up to 4 days altogether. The calculation would be:

2 x 2 x 4

Please note that a sickness needs to be included in the Absence Scheme to be included in the Bradford Factor score.  To learn more about how to manage each sickness reason, please see:


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