A key step in the setup and rollout of the People system, is to ensure that each employee has the correct work pattern applied to their planner.

Please note, if an employees entitlement is measured in Hours, the hours field will be used when the employees requests holiday, and if they are measured in Days, the days feel will be used. This article will help in setting up employees holiday entitlements and choosing whether they are measured in Days or Hours: Check And Update Holiday Entitlements

To create a new work pattern, please follow the steps below:

1. Go in to your 'Settings' and select 'Holidays & Absence' from the left hand side.

2. Then, click on the dropdown list for 'Default Work Pattern' (weekly) and select 'Add new work pattern'.

3. Name your work pattern accordingly.

4. You can choose to copy an existing work pattern to save you completing the details from scratch.

5.  You should then specify how many hours an employee works per day and also specify how many days holiday will be taken from the employee’s entitlement for that working day. E.g. an 8 hour day would typically equate to 1 days holiday if booked off, however a 4 hour working day may only equate to 0.5 of a day, therefore only a half a days holiday would be taken if a 4 hour holiday is requested. Please note if you have rotating work patterns then click on 'Add Week' to add an extra week to the work pattern, you can leave a work pattern blank, should people work 0 hours in one week. 

6.  The Start, End and Break fields are not required however these can be entered for reference purposes.

7.  Click on 'Save' and then this work pattern can then be applied to the chosen employee.

8.  To apply this work pattern to a relevant employee, access their 'Employee Record' and click on 'Planner'. Then on the right hand side, click on the dropdown list for 'Work Patterns' and choose the appropriate option (work patterns can also be added in here). Choose an 'Effective Date' and click 'Save'.


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