You have the ability to calculate an employee's FTE from the new starter wizard, as well as for existing employee's, from their work pattern 'Contracted Hours'. You will find this information on the employee's Overview tab:

This data is fully reportable within the query builder. 

If the employee is on a set working pattern, their daily working hours for the week will be added up and automatically presented as the employee's 'Contracted Hours'.

If the employee is on 'No work pattern' or a 'Rotating work pattern' you are able to edit the contracted hours by going into their work pattern from their Planner. Here, you are also able to add what a full-time employee works - so that the system calculates the FTE:

The full-time equivalent is calculated as follows:

 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) = Contracted hours ÷ Daily working hours (Holiday & Absence tab) ÷ Number of working days (On work pattern)


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