Expenses can be entered from the People mobile app. Login and if expenses has been enabled on your system you will see the add expense option and the slider menu will show expense options as well.

As an employee you can enter and send expenses for approval. As manager you can do the same and approve / reject expenses sent to you.

The routing works exactly the same as the process of routing holidays, with the exception that re-routing will not change the mechanism. If you have multiple managers then either manager can approve the expense claim.

Use the “Create Report” option to create a new expense claim. Enter the description, this would usually be a group heading for all the expenses, for example “June Expenses”, “Trip to San Francisco”. Select the currency (note once you select the currency all your expense items will be in the currency selected). Select the default date of the expense claim - this date will be used on all your expense lines, you can override it.

Now press the '+' button on the top right to start your expense entry. You can enter all your expenses in one go or a few lines at a time.

You can safely exit the app when entering expense lines, when you go back and select create report the app will always show the current expense claim you are working on that you have not yet submitted.

Each expense line can have a number of attributes. Enter the appropriate details.

  • Enter the title
  • Use the photo icon to take a photo of your receipt
  • If you have a mileage expense then toggle the button and enter the details
  • If your expense is taxable then toggle the button and select the tax rate
  • If you want the expenses reimbursed to you personally, toggle the reimburse option to green. Although, If you’ve paid on a company credit card for example, then you won’t want the expense reimbursed to you
  • If your accounts team have asked you to mark which expenses are re-billed to clients then toggle the billable button

Once the details have been entered press the 'Done' button on the top right. You will then be shown your expense line. You’ve got the option to edit it or swipe the line to delete. When viewing an expense claim or an expense line you can swipe your finger left to reveal more options, such as allowing you to edit the information. 

Once all your items have been entered press the 'Submit' button and sign your expense claim.

The system will now send your approver an email asking them to approve the expense claim. Once approved you will receive an email to confirm. 


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