You are able to give a third party admin access to your People ® system without having to add them as an employee. Their login URL would be different to the standard employee login page.

--How to give consultant access--

As we would be giving someone access to your full database, we have some checks and balances we have to adhere to. In order for us to action this, please follow the below request:

If you are you are a full administrator, with the email address you use to log in please email with the following request:


I would like to give consultant access to …(First Name)..(Last Name) (Email Address) 

to the below company(s) 

(Example Company) (


If you are not an administrator of the system in question, please send this template over for them to send the request. 

--What Next?--

You'll receive a response from a member of the support team when this has been actioned. The consultant will then be able to log in through this link:

They will be able to access the system with the view of the main notifications admin.


Customer Services Team.

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