As an Administrator, you can set it up so that managers can approve or decline holiday requests direct from the email. To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to 'Settings'and click on 'Holidays & Absence'.

2. Scroll down and check the box, which says 'Authorise Holidays from Email'.

3. When a Manager receives then a holiday request, they will still be able to login to People from the email to authorise the holiday, but they will also be able to click on Approve or Decline within the email. This will then notify the employee of the decision.

A reminder can be sent to the manager if they haven’t approved or declined with 5 days remaining until the start of the holiday. 

To do this you will need to:

1. Go to ‘Settings'

2. Go to the ‘Email’ tab

3. Select ‘Holiday Email Reminder’ and make sure you switch it on. This will set up the reminders. 


Customer Services Team

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