To setup Holiday Accruals for specific employees, follow the steps below, please note this accrual is for people who accrue holiday based on the amount of hours they have work in a specific time frame, not those who accrue annual leave throughout the holiday year:

1. Select 'Settings' from the left hand side and enter the Holidays & Absence tab.

2. Scroll down until you see 'Holiday Entitlement %' and enter the appropriate % that employees accrue their holidays.

3. Next, enter the required employees record and click on 'Planner'.

4. Remove the employees Public Holiday profile

5. Click on the blue 'Settings' button and ensure their entitlement is set to Hours, ensure the employees entitlement is set to 0 for this year and next year and select the Accrue Entitlement checkbox.

6. Next click on 'Save' and specify a reason for the change.

7. Finally, ensure the employee is on a No Work Pattern from the dropdown list.

To add the number of hours worked by an employee for the system to calculate and add the hours they have accrued, please see:


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