The People HR Offline Backup Tool is designed to allow IT teams to backup data from People® on a regular basis providing you with an offline backup mechanism. 

Follow the instructions below:

Download the installer from here.

Once you have installed the program, here is how you use it.

1.Create an API key from People (Settings, API, Make sure the API key has 'Query', 'Employee' and 'Document' ticked). For more information on how to create an API Key, please see the article below:

2. Create some Queries in People for the data you want extracted

3. In the program UX

a. Enter the API key

b. Enter path of where to save the data

c. Choose whether you would like to export employee documents as part of this backup. (this will extract all employees documents each to their own unique folder to the Output Location specified in step b).

d. Enter the queries you want to extract data from in People

The deploy folder also contains the silent runner (PeopleHRExportSilent.exe), that will load the settings file (for the API and the queries to run) and export the data. Use the program with the path of the export, i.e.  |PeopleHRExportSilent.exe c:\temp" will write the files into c:\temp


Once the export data has been extracted by the offline backup tool onto your local computer or server, you are responsible for ensuring the security and encryption of this data. If you are unsure of this prior to using this tool, please speak with a member of your IT team who should be able to assist.


Customer Services Team

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