The first thing you need to do is download the attached Excel spreadsheet

1. The File HERE 

2. If you see a yellow popup, please click 'Enable Content'

3. Now create an API on your People HR site - for more information on how to do this, please see:

5. Click ‘Save’ and then copy the API key.

6. Next, click on the settings option in the PEOPLEHR QUERIES tab on the excel sheet

7. Paste in the API key into the API KEY section

8. Return to the People site and copy the ‘Name’ of a query

9. Once you have done this paste or type it into Query name 1 etc. (it needs to match the case exactly)

10. Repeat this up to 5 times and then press ‘Save’

11. Now, click on the ‘Run All Queries’ option on the spreadsheet

You will now have a separate tab along the bottom with the data in each query added

 If you wish to pass this sheet to another person the API key will be encrypted.


Customer Services Team

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