You have the ability to edit a logbook screen so that employees and/or managers can view, edit or have no access to this screen on the employee's record. 

To edit, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go into the logbook screen and click the + icon:

2. Click the pencil icon next to the title: 

3. From here, you can edit the name and description of the logbook as well as selecting the level of access an employee or manager can have to this screen. For example, if you select 'Employee Access', all employees will be able to access their own logbook screen - but no one else's. 

If there is any access to update, you can specify who can approve this. When ticking this button, you can set different approvers to when the employee edits their logbook and when the employee's manager updates it.

To delete a logbook screen, please follow instructions below:

  1. Click on the employee's record
  2. Go into the Logbook tab
  3. Click the drop down box and select the custom screen you want to delete
  4. Click the plus icon
  5. In the top right-hand corner, there will be a pencil icon and an X, click the X to delete

If you have already inserted a logbook within this screen, you will have to delete this first by clicking the specific logbook and selecting the 'Delete' button in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Quick Tip: There are some pre-loaded logbooks that you are unable to delete or change the name of, this is because they are linked to another functionality within the system. You can turn these off, however. To do this, click into the Settings area, select the Employees tab and untick the logbooks you wish to turn off. 


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