To update holiday entitlement via individual records

  1. First, access the relevant employees record
  2. Click on the planner option
  3. Click the blue settings button in the middle of the page, near the top

When you click this, you will see the below window:

4. Double check that how the employee's entitlement is recorded is correct (Measured in Days or Hours)

5. You can then set the employee's entitlement for this year and next year a bit further down. 

You can see that there is a 'Help Me Calculate' option, this can help you pro-rata an employee's entitlement if they had started half way through the year or works part time. To learn more, please see the below article:

6. You can choose whether or not you would like the entitlement to include public holidays. If this is checked, the number of bank holidays in the year should be added to the employee's entitlement, then any bank holidays that land on a working day for that employee will be automatically booked from the employee's entitlement. If unchecked but the employee is still on a bank holiday template, this will simply display as a non-working day for an employee.

To update holiday entitlement via Bulk Actions

This option should be used if you have already set how the employee's entitlement is measured has already been set (i.e. Days or Hours). 

There are two options that will allow you to view and set employees holiday entitlements for this year or for next year. 

Once you have chosen which year you wish to edit the entitlement for, you can select multiple employees at once. After selecting the employees and clicking next you are taken to a page that shows the employee's name, their holiday year, how their entitlement is measured, their current entitlement for the year and a box for you to enter their new entitlement.


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