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(Admin Only) Build a query that tells you when each employee has logged in to the system

Written by Edward Dixon
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If you wish to find out information about when each employee has logged into the People® system, you can use the query builder to extract this information. Below explains how to do this:

1. Start by creating a query and select the Login History checkbox in the first column and then the Login Date, Login Time and IP Address from the right hand columns. Click 'Next' at the bottom right.

2. Then you can filter, if you wish, on the 'Date'. In this example I have chosen to filter on logins for 'this week'. You can choose a specific date range and apply any further filters if you wish. Click 'Next'.

3. Give your query a relevant name and click 'Next'.

4. This will run the query and provide you with all of the login data as per your filters. This can then be exported to CSV if required.


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