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Create a Consolidated Timesheet Report in Excel
Create a Consolidated Timesheet Report in Excel
Written by Edward Dixon
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People® provides you with the ability to record timesheet hours for employees. It’s possible to get a list of those hours in People® using the query tool. However the query tool will only list the hours one line at a time:

Sometimes for reporting purposes a more consolidated view is required, where all the days of the week at shown across the top:

Step 1: Download the Template

To make it easier for you we’ve created the template you need. Download the zip file called

(You will need to copy and paste this URL into a new tab and the file should automatically download)

Uncompress it on your C drive, you should end up with:


When you look in that folder you should see two further folders called CSV (You will need the CSV folder in step 6) and XLS

Step 2: Run a Query in People®

You need to create a timesheet query in your People® site.

Go into query and select the option '+' to create a new query and choose the fields below:

Step 3: Filter the query for the month you need:

Step 4: Name the query "Timesheet report"

Step 5: Export the query

Step 6: Save the exported query in the CSV folder that was part of the original download

Step 7: Refreshing the Data

Once the above has been completed open the ConsolidatedTimesheet.xls sheet (Located in the XLS folder)

Now click on the 'Data from People' tab and select the Data option at the top of the worksheet:

Now click on the bottom section of the Refresh All button and click 'Connection Properties'.

You will now be presented with a popup, choose the 'Definition' tab and Browse for the file you saved in the CSV folder - "Timesheet Report".

The idea is that when you download another extract, you maintain the same name (removing the old file).

Once you have done this, return to the Summary page and hit Refresh.


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