People® already contains powerful built in workflow processes. Ripple is intended to compliment and extend these processes where additional flexibility or customisation is required.

Ripple is only available as part of the Elite People® package. All Elite packages are provided with Ripple training to help you use the system effectively. To discuss your People HR licenses with your accounts manager, you can email


Ripple allows you to create dynamic employee segments (queries) and then use those segments (queries) to create alerts or start processes.

The ripple workflow engine is responsible for creating alerts, starting processes and stepping through the tasks in a process.

Employee Segments - Queries

If you are familiar with People® then you probably already know how to create employee segments aka 'Queries'.

By using the Query tool you can create segments of employees (queries) you want Ripple to use. Queries allow you to filter employees by any recorded data item, it’s this filtering mechanism that is key to creating a segment.

For example you can create a list of all new starters in the current month. As new starters are created they will automatically appear in the list.  

Other examples could be:

  • All employees who are not leavers
  • New starters in the last 7 days
  • Leavers in the next 7 days
  • Employees who have had no holidays this year

The great thing about segments is that you can create one segment and use it in any different places, for example for queries, for hot Excel reporting, for one or more alerts, or for one or more processes.

Ripple Alerts

With Ripple you can create and assign alerts. Alerts appear in the task list. Creating an alert consists of the following steps:

  • Create the alert details, title, who it’s for, when it’s due and the description
  • Specify the segment the alerts will be created for

Ripple Processes

Ripple allows you to create a process. A process consists of  a number of steps. Each step can be a different type of task. There are a number of different types of tasks that can be selected, for example:

  • Email task
  • Mail merge a document task
  • Wait task

Once a process has been defined you can specify which segment of employees it should start for. It’s possible to start the same process for different employee segments.

Workflow Engine

Every hour on the hour the Ripple Workflow Engine performs a series of steps:

It refreshes all employee segments that are being used in Ripple Alerts and Ripple Processes. This may result in employees being added to, or removed from the segment depending upon the filtering being used.

It creates a new alert or process for employees that have been newly added to the segment.

For every active process against an employee it checks to see if it should perform the next step.


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