It's easy to add SSO capabilities if you already use Google Business Apps. Here are the instructions.

1. Go to your Google console:

2. Add a new SAML application 

3. Choose "Setup My Own Custom App"

4. Download the IDP Meta Data File, you will need it later

5. On the NEXT page enter the application description and upload a logo - there is one attached to this article if you want to use that one:

6. Next enter the service provider details

ACS URL is: https://{replace-with-your-domain-name}

Entity ID: test-app-peopleweb

7. Hit Next and then Finish

8. Log into your People system and upload the earlier downloaded IDP Meta File 

9. Log out. 

10. Go back your Google console and turn on the app

11. When you go back to login to People you will be shown the Single Sign on Page


Customer Services Team

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