It's possible to send/forward an email directly so that the contents are stored as a document on the employee record.


In order to use this functionality you must have an API key called “Email Docs” setup with access to the Document area checked. You can do this via Settings, API. We advise not to restrict this key per IP address.

Only Admins can create an API key, but will only need to do this once.

Rules: There are some specific rules that you must adhere to:

1. That the sender must be an active administrator on People
2. The total size of your email must be less than 15MB
3. An email will be stored with the category of email. The subject line will be used for the description of the attachment.
4. The set up of the email will depend on if you are sending an email directly to the employee's Document area, or if you are forwarding an email. 

Direct send is ideal for new emails being sent to employees. Forwarding is an ideal way to store already sent emails that have been saved in your inbox within People. 

For example: 

Sending an email

  • From: A valid administrator 
  • To: Valid employee email address
  • CC: Blank or anyone you want
  • BCC:
  • Subject: Anything (cannot be blank)
  • Body: Anything

Forwarding an email

  • From: A valid administrator
  • To:
  • CC: Blank or anyone you want
  • BCC: Blank or anyone you want 
  • Subject: [valid employee email address] Any other text you want
  • Body: Anything

Email addresses need to be the registered People email address found in the Personal tab of the employee record. 


The system will send back success or failure emails informing you if your email has been attached or not. This email should be sent within 15 minutes of doing this. 

-EML Files-

EML files are a “standard” format for email that is exported and saved. You can save emails from Outlook, GMAIL, etc to disk, when they are saved one of the formats you can select is EML.

People stores emails against an employee record as an EML file. EML files can be viewed in most if not all email clients including web based clients. (Note you may need an extension in for web based email clients, for example EML file view from the Chrome app store)


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