You can now download a lightweight version of People® for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Search for ‘People HR’ in your app store or find the download link through using the relevant button below:

The steps below explain how to use the App:

  • Once the app has been downloaded to your device, you can use your regular login details which will bring you to the home screen.

To request a holiday click on:

  1. Request Holiday
  2. Enter To and From dates
  3. Hit ‘Done’ to send the request to your manager
  • If you then visit the 'Other Options' icon (three horizontal lines), you can access the Company, My holidays and the Planner. If you have employees reporting to you, a request option will also be shown, and next to this, you will see the amount of requests, which are pending (if applicable)
  • The Company option will simply show you a list of employees in your organisation. If permitted by HR, you will also be able to access employees’ phone numbers. If you swipe left, you will also see the option to call and/ or email the person.
  • The My Holidays tab will simply show you a list of your holidays, showing whether they have been approved (Green Tick), declined (Red Cross) or are still pending (Orange Clock). You can delete a Pending holiday request by swiping left and tapping the Bin icon. Tapping each request will show further details. You can also see the Planner Icon (showing who is away today), and a '+' icon (to request a new holiday).
  • The Planner option will show you who is on holiday in your team today.
  • At the bottom of the Options screen, you can visit Settings to choose whether you want sound on the app, or to provide any feedback to our support team. This will simply open up an email to be sent to
  • At the bottom of the Options screen, you can also tap Log Out to log out of the app.


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