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TT Payroll Query Extractor Tool
TT Payroll Query Extractor Tool

How to run the TT payroll extractor tool

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For a .pdf version of this help article to download, please see: 


This integration will allow you to extract data from People HR for importing into TT payroll. You can also load payslips produced out of TT Payroll into People HR using this integration.


You will need the following queries created in PeopleHR prior to running this integration. Queries 1 and 2 are mandatory but 3 is optional.

(1) Query Name: Payroll : Payroll
Selected areas: Employment,  Payroll Company

(2) Query Name: TT Core Data Extract (Do not remove)
Selected areas:  Employee Details, Salary Details, Contact Details, Leavers, WorkPattern, EmployeeID, Title, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Start Date, Job Role, Company, Location, Department, NIS/SSN,Employment Type, Employee status, Salary Type, Salary Amount, Payment Frequency, Employee Address, Personal Phone Number, Bank Name, BankAddress, Bank code, Account code, Account Name, Final day of employment, Working hours

(3) There are a number of data items that can be sent to TT Payroll which are optional. If you would like to send these to TT Payroll you will need to create logbook screens and enter the data in there. The logbooks are as follows:

Logbook Name: Social Security Card Type
Data Items: Card Type

Logbook Name: Tax Records
Data Items: Tax Reference, Tax Rate %, Tax Code and ID Number

Logbook Name: Right to Work
Data Items: Employment Status, Contract Type

Logbook Name: Cost Centre Codes
Data Items: Division Code

If you choose to create these logbooks, you can then add the logbook information in the query named 'TT Core Data Extract (Do not remove)'

--Setting up--

1. Firstly you will need an API key. that has access to all endpoints. On how to create an API key, please see:

2. Next, CLICK HERE to download the TT Payroll Extractor Tool.

Please note you will need to run the program in Windows as it is a .exe program.

3. Once installed, you will be presented with this screen:

4. Click on the 'Settings' button at the top to bring up the following screen:

Here you can group employees by their payroll company or their company within a group (if you have a group of companies). A separate import file will be produced for each company/Payroll company.


Below is an explanation of each field on this screen:

API Key:
As stated in step 1, you will have created an API key. Please paste the key into this field.

Pay Method:
This setting will allow you to specify the value that is entered into column P under the TT core data extract, this value is referenced for the banking provider

Company/Payroll Company
The drop-down will have list of your payroll companies or your group of companies. What is listed here depends on the if you have ticked company or payroll company radio button. 

This is the company code as you have it in TT payroll. 

If you are producing  payroll for employees in a certain location you can specify that location here - otherwise, select 'All'. 

Tick this if you want to use this setting. 


5. Once clicking 'Save', you'll be taken back to the previous screen. 

There are Three Steps to this program.

Re-assign PW Employee Ids to Numeric Only
TT payroll will only accept numeric employee ID's, therefore this option will search all of your Employee ID numbers and if there are any with letters, they will be converted into a numerical value on the employees People HR record.

Produce TT Payroll Extract
This will run your Payroll Query in People HR, export it and convert it into a format which TT payroll can accept. Once you do this you will have the option to choose an output location. This file will contain all of the correct information for TT Payroll.

Give it an appropriate name and 'Save'. This file will contain all of the correct information for TT Payroll.

Load Payslips
Finally, you have the option to Load Payslips. TT payroll produces one payslip per employee.

If you put them all into a folder i.e. “JunePayslips”, then press button 3 it will ask you for the location of the payslips. This will load each payslip and rename it to .pdfx when done.

Please note: You must ensure that any tool/software that you use is kept up to date with the most recent version. This is to ensure you are up to date with any bug fixes and will avoid errors.

Note for IT:
TT Payroll loader can also be run in silent mode, this way you can script it to produce the export file automatically the approach is that you run the silent exe. if you don't supply any args, you will get a list of available options:

 "-renumber", "-export", "-load", "-h"


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