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Data Load Instructions
Data Load Instructions

As part of your implementation we offer a complimentary data load - see the files included in this article for more details

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Data load instructions:

Click here for full instructions on how to complete each data sheet. Please read these instructions before you begin your data load. We also advise referring to these instructions whilst you prepare your data.


Click here to learn about each error message and how to fix your data. When doing a data load, you may be presented with an error/validation message based on the data inputted.


These .zip files are referenced in the PDF, and are found at the bottom of the page, download them by copying and pasting the links into new tabs in your browser, or right clicking and selecting 'download linked file'.

You're only required to fill in and send back the data sheets that you require to upload.

Standard data sheets: 


  • Emergency contacts

  • Employee data

  • Holiday information

  • Other Event information

  • Sickness information

  • Salary data

Additional data sheets:


  • Right to works

  • Background checks

  • Bank details

  • Maternity/Paternity

  • Job role history (current job roles should be specified in the employee data sheet) 

Logbook data sheets
(For Professional package only):


  • All pre loaded system logbook templates

Logbook data sheets
(For Enterprise and Elite packages only)


  • All pre loaded system logbook templates

  • Custom logbook data sheet template


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