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Viewing/Signing a Document
Viewing/Signing a Document

How to find and sign a documents and payslips as an employee

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Please note: If your payslips are added as documents, these instructions also refer to locating your payslips.

Finding your Documents

1. Select the 'Me' tab 

2. Select the grey 'Document' tab 

3. Your personal documents (and if added, payslips) should be located there

4. Select the 'Document Name'

5. Click 'Download' to view

Signing your Documents

As an employee, some documents may be added to your profile which require a signature. When this happens, you will receive an email alerting you of this. 

1. Follow the above instructions on how to locate your documents. 

2. If any documents have signature required, you will see a 'Pending' button next to it: 

3. Click on the 'Pending' button.

6. Click on the actual writing 'Enter Your Name Here' - not the box itself

7. Enter your name and click on 'Sign'. Once you click 'Sign', an email will be sent to HR notifying them that you have signed it.

Please Note: If you are viewing a document within your browser, double-check that you have pop-up blockers disabled.

On the mobile App

  • Select the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner

  • Select 'View your profile' and then click 'Documents':

  • Select the document that you want to sign (unsigned documents show an orange clock icon)

  • Then type your name on the line below 'Sign'


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