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ICAL on iPhone
ICAL on iPhone
If you would like to subscribe to an ICAL feed on your iPhone, please follow the steps given
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Use the iCal feed to export event data from PeopleHR into an external calendar. The iCal feed cannot just contain your own calendar data - this will pull through the same data as to what you can see in the company planner. 

  1. Click into your iPhone calendar

  2. Select 'Calendars' at the bottom

3. Click 'Add Calendars'

4. Now log into your PeopleHR site via your browser. 

5. Scroll through the tabs at the top and click on the planner icon:

6. Select the 'Calendar Feed' option:

7. Select the URL:

8. This will open up a screen of all events shown on the company planner. Click 'Add All'

9. You'll then be able to add this to a calendar:


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