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ICAL - Google Calendar
ICAL - Google Calendar
To subscribe to People calendar feed in Google Calendar follow these steps
Written by Edward Dixon
Updated over a week ago

Use the iCal feed to export event data from PeopleHR into an external calendar. The iCal feed cannot just contain your own calendar data - this will pull through the same data as to what you can see in the company planner. 

1 Copy the URL from the calendar feed section found within the company planner

2 Open your Google Calendar, select Other Calendars -> Add by URL

3 Now paste in the URL then click add calendar

4 The calendar will now show on the left hand side

If you wish you can right click on the calendar enter the settings and rename it.

Please note: Each calendar can have a different refresh rate, some may only refresh every 24 hours for an external calendar URL - we have no control over when your calendar updates this feed. 


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