Integrate People® & When I Work

Integrate with WhenIWork so that approved holidays and absences entered into People® will automatically appear in the WhenIWork schedule

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The People® integration server integrates with other systems and schedules the synchronisation of data so you don’t need to manually refresh data from one system to another. 

Employee records will need to be added to When I Work before configuring the integration. 


1. The first thing you'll need is an API key that includes all Employee, Holiday and Absence endpoints. On how to create an API key, please see:

2. Click the Copy icon to copy the key so you can paste it later.

4. Log in or create a new account using the Register option on the top right 

5. Select the 'People HR Settings' tab 

6. Paste in your API key in the field provided. 

7. You'll then see a similar page to the one below. Select the linked 'here' button to retrieve your People Webhook link - as shown below:

4. Highlight, right click and copy the URL link at the top of the new page:

5. This needs to be pasted in the Webhook field under the API Settings in your PeopleHR site:

Keep this page open as you'll need the key later on.

7. Once this has been done, go back into the PeopleHR Int site and select the WhenIWork tab.

7. Enter your WhenIWork login details and click 'Authorise':

8. Refresh the screen using the browser refresh. A list of all your employee numbers with the Rota ID for each employee will be shown. These are the Rota ID identifiers in WhenIWork. 

9. Go back into your People system. For each employee that you would like to link to WhenIWork go into their Employment Record and set the Rota ID field to match Rota ID shown in the list.

That’s the configuration complete


The following data will be synchronised between People and WhenIWork

  • New holidays

  • Approved holidays — requests will not be sync’d until the approved

  • Updated holiday records

  • Deletion of holidays — holidays deleted in people will be removed from WhenIWork

  • New sick 

  • Deletion of sick

  • Updating sick 

The system will sync records for the following range of dates: 1 week back and 3 weeks forward. This means that any amendments to holidays or sick in People more than a week ago or more than 3 weeks ahead will not be transferred to the WhenIWork schedule. 

Durations of 1/2 a day are transferred as follows: If the duration is AM then the start time of the event is taken as 9am and the end time 1pm. If the duration is PM then the start time is taken a 1pm and the end time as 5pm.

The sync will take place every 10 minutes and will run through 5 employees at a time. This limit is imposed on us to stop us overloading WhenIWork servers - and it’s good practice. So if you have 20 employees then the system will take 40 minutes to sync all the records and then it will cycle back to the first employee.

Your WIW clock in and clock out transactions will show in the People timesheet area. 

The integration works as follows:

1. Every 10 minutes People will check the previous 7 days punch in and outs on WIW

2. If data is found then the following steps will take place:

  • The previous days punch data will be cleared in People and overwritten with the WIW punch data

  • If more then 5 punch in out combinations are found in WIW then each successive punch in out will be placed into the 5th and final punch slot in People.


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