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Reassigning Notification Admin Status
Reassigning Notification Admin Status
Remove administrator status or reassign notifications to another administrator
Written by Edward Dixon
Updated over a week ago

To remove administrator status from an employee:

  1. Go to their employee record

  2. Go to the overview screen

  3. Click on 'Remove Admin status'

If an administrator is receiving notifications, you may not be able to remove their administrator status, you may have to reassign notifications first. To reassign notifications from an administrator:

  1. On the left hand side go to 'Settings' (bottom menu option) 

  2. Click on the inner 'Administrators' menu 

  3. A list of administrators will be shown. Against the name of the person you wish to receive the notifications, there will be a "/" and "x" icon, click on the "/" icon to make them the notifications admin

  4. You will now be be able to click on the "x" on the other person to remove admin access from them 


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