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Dashboard - Employee Overview
Dashboard - Employee Overview
Here is a video overview of the dashboard from an employees perspective
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Employee Login - Dashboard

As an employee, the first thing you will see when you login in the dashboard. Here you can view and do the following:

Please Note: This video is subject to change to show the new 'News and Ripple functions' on the employee dashboard.

Request Leave

  • View statistics about your entitlement. Holidays taken and remaining.

  • What your last holiday was and the next holiday.

  • This is also where you will request holiday.


  • You can view company news from the Dashboard making this easily visible and also allows admins and managers to publish company news via the dashboard.

Interactive Ripple

  • You also have a tab for 'ripple' which allows to complete an interactive ripple from the dashboard.

Tip - You can also add expenses on the mobile app


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