An advanced version of the document loader has been developed that can read a CSV file containing path names and load them into People. 

The Document Loader setup can be downloaded from HERE

The program will do the following

  1. Read a CSV file

2. Take the empid 

3. Take the document description 

4. Use the Path to load the document 

5. Save it with the description into the Category 

An audit will be produced with the original columns but a new status at the end Loaded or Error - XXXX so that it can be tried again with the error items if required after filtering out those loaded successfully 

The main UI will require the API key and the input CSV file. The API key must be created in People, if you go to Settings, API, add a new key - make sure the Documents checkbox is checked. 

When upload is done, a report file containing an extra column for status, will be created in the deploy folder.

If the report save fails, the following dialog will pop-up to allow user to review the upload details:


Customer Services Team

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