Other Event Entitlements
(Admin Only) Adding/updating an employee's entitlement for a number Other Event reasons.
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This article explains how you can set up different entitlements for each Other Event reason you have listed. If you're looking for how to add/amend an Other Event to an employee's record please go to the article linked below:

When creating a new Other Event reason, you can select if you wish for this to rollover into the next Calendar, Holiday year or not at all. This is in relation to an other event entitlement.

You will be able to specify the max carryover when selecting the specific rollover period, shown below.

You can add as many Other Event Reasons to your list to suit your company best, but a few examples of these may be:

  • Jury Duty

  • Dentist Appointment

  • Unpaid Leave

  • Study Leave

If you do not give your employees an entitlement for an Other Event, they are able to request as many as they like when required - and of course, you may prefer to leave it this way!

You might want to specify a set number of days/hours of a specific Other Event that an employee could request off. For example, you could have a company policy that allows an employee to only book 5 days Unpaid Leave off for the year. This is when you would set an Other Event Entitlement.

If you have an Other Event that should only be used for certain employee's, you can set everyone else's entitlement for this Event to zero (0).

You can also update Other Event entitlements using our Bulk Actions feature. On how to action this, please see: Other Event Entitlement: http://help.peoplehr.com/bulk-actions/bulk-actions-other-event-entitlements

As working patterns can differ between employees and their specific working days, the calculation to transfer from hours to days is not based on the employee's work pattern.

Instead, this calculation is based on your Normal Working Hours (Daily) which can be set within your Holiday and Absence settings:


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