We now have a simple integration with Indeed and Glassdoor, providing you the ability to advertise your vacancies from within your ATS into these job portals at the click of a button. When applicants apply, they will automatically be displayed in the ATS as a new applicant record. 

You'll first need to create a vacancy. On how to do this please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/applicant-tracking-system-ats/dashboard-creating-a-vacancy

To turn on this feature:

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Click the 'ATS' tab

  3. Click the 'Vacancy' area

How do these integrations work?

Glassdoor - when an applicant clicks on this vacancy, they will be directed to the PeopleHR vacancy page to apply.

Indeed - this has been perfectly mapped so that the application process keeps you with Indeed in order for an applicant to apply through the page. The applicant information will then be transferred into your ATS.

How often to vacancies update to the external job bored?

It can take up to 24 hours for a vacancy to be posted from the time you had made the vacancy active.

Which vacancies pull through to Glassdoor and Indeed?

Within the Vacancy Details tab (the first page when clicking on an existing vacancy, or when creating a new one) you have the option to select whether you want the vacancy to be internal, external or both. All vacancies that you have marked as 'External' or 'Both' will pull through to the external job boards:

To make sure your job gets found by candidates via Glassdoor and Indeed, there are a three things you need to do. These steps will maximise the visibility of your vacancies, and attract more applications. Specifics below:

Give each vacancy a job title
This ensures your vacancies are displayed to people searching for the specific job you're advertising helping you reach more relevant candidates.

Add the city and country where the job will be based.
These job sites lets job seekers search by location. If you have multiple jobs available, each in different cities, then create a duplicate vacancy for each vacancy, this lets you target each city where the job will be available.

(Glassdoor Only) Create an employer account.
If your company doesn't already have its own profile on Glassdoor, then make sure you create one. This automatically links your vacancies to your company page, meaning when job seekers find your vacancy, they will also see reviews and company information. Creating a company account also gives your vacancy a better chance of showing up in search results.

Click here for the link to Glassdoor Employers profile signup


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