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Queries - Filter by a Specific Time Frame
Queries - Filter by a Specific Time Frame

Using the 'Greater than' and 'Less than' options to report on information within a chosen point in time.

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When you build a query, (such as a holiday query, sickness, Other events etc.) the system will give you all of this information that has been logged, from the beginning of time. 

Sometimes, you may only want to report on how many holidays are booked between a certain period, for example. We suggest using the Greater than and Less than filters for this!

You will want to use these two filters on the Start Date of the event you are reporting on, and not the end date. 

Be sure to add a day at either side of the required timeframe to ensure we include the first day and last day of this duration. 

For example, if you wish to view the time frame from 01/01/17 - 30/06/17, you will want to select:

Greater than 31/12/2016


Less than 01/07/2017

Please ensure that the 'And' option is selected in between the two filters.


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