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Queries - Historical Changes Report
Queries - Historical Changes Report
(Admin Only) Build a query on changes made to an employee's record
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Next to most fields within an employee's record, there is a clock icon:

Clicking on this button will show you all historical changes to this employee's specific field, who changed it, when and why.

You can also build a query on of this information. Here is what you will want to select to build this type of report:

You can then filter on different areas to specify the information you wish to see.

For example, you can filter on 'Employee Name' if you wish to only show changes to a specific employee's record, filter on the 'Field Name' if you want to bring up changes to a specific field, and you can also filter on the 'Effective From' or 'Change Date'.

To know more about the filters and options you can use within the query builder, please take a look at the help article below:

In alphabetical order, please see all field names that can be reported on in this historical change report:

  • Account Number 

  • Address 

  • Bank Code 

  • Bank Name 

  • Company 

  • Continuous Service Date 

  • Contracted Hours 

  • Date of Birth 

  • Department 

  • Email 

  • Employment Type 

  • First Name  

  • Full Time Hours 

  • Gender 

  • Insurance Number

  • Known as 

  • Last Name  

  • Location 

  • Marked as Leaver 

  • Method of Recruitment 

  • Mobile Number 

  • New Starter 

  • Next Review Date 

  • Personal Email 

  • Personal Phone 

  • Reports to 

  • Start Date 

  • Title 

  • Work Phone 


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