You can enable the ability for employees to tap in and out directly from their mobile phone when they enter and exit work. This feature is on the People® HR mobile app, available on iOS and Android. This information will be stored as a Timesheet on the employee's planner. 

You can use this in two ways - either Manual or Automatic. Both options you will first have to set up a location (your workplace).

Manual - an employee will be able to clock in/out from their phone app as long as they are within the specified location.

Automatic - as long as an employee is logged into their mobile app, they will be automatically clocked in when they come into work and clocked out when they leave.

To set both options up:

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab
  2. Click the 'Mobile' tab:

3. Turn on the option ‘Mobile tap IN / OUT’  highlighted above.

4. If you wish for this to be automatic, please also turn on Auto mobile Tap in / Out.

(Please note that if the button says TURN ON, it is giving you the option to turn it on and is therefore currently turned off.)

5. Click the plus icon to add your location.

6. Enter your postcode, find your address:

7. Once you have added the address details (either through the address finder or adding to the address field) press the ‘Find Latitude or Longitude from address’ option, this will show the coordinates for the address.

8. Once done press the 'Next' button. This will allow you amend the size of the area that is part of your geo-fence location. You can create multiple locations, for example, if you have multiple offices.

9. Set the correct GMT offset for that location.

Employees view for Manual option:


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