This article looks at how to allow access rights to certain system settings. To learn more about how to give a non-admin additional access to certain areas, please see the link below for the Edit Access Rights function and the use of the filters:


As well as allowing a user access rights to certain areas of the system, you can also allow them access to certain Settings options. You will find the available options at the bottom of the 'Custom Access Settings' list. 

If you provide an employee edit access rights to all of the available Settings for a specific location, in most cases they will only be able to view and update this information for that location - this is explained below.

-‘Holiday & Absence’ Settings-

If you have access to the Holiday & Absence Settings for a number of locations, there will be a drop-down box at the top of the page to allow you to switch between these locations and update the Settings for each.

-‘Authorisations’ Settings-

You are able to create Authorisations rules for the specific location you have access to. When selecting Approvers, you will still have the ability to select anyone in the company to approve requests from this location. 

-‘Accruals’ Settings-

You can create Accrual rules for this location only. 

-‘Performance’ Settings-

You have the ability to create Performance Reviews for this location, as well as view existing review templates. Please note that you would still require the standard ‘Performance’ access right to have admin access to an employee’s performance review.

-‘ATS’ Settings-

This setting works slightly different. When given access to the ATS Settings, you will have access to all of the ATS settings. Often, recruitment teams will work closely together across all locations - but don’t worry, the ATS Settings do not contain sensitive employee data.

You will be able to update the default Pipeline order, create email templates, configure Application and Vacancy Settings etc. 

-‘Localization’ Settings-

You can view each Location’s default language here, but will only be able to edit the location you have access to. This is only a default setting, employees are still able to edit their language preference when logged in. For more information on this area, please go to:

Quick tip - When giving access to any of the settings areas, the system will only take into account the Location you have selected for that user.


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