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Timesheets (with/without virtual clock)

How to add a timesheet

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If licensed, employees are able to add their own Timesheet.

As an admin, you can set Timesheets to require approval or not by setting up an approval rule. Click here to learn more. 

To enter a timesheet:

1. When you login to your account, under the 'Me' tab and in the 'Planner', you will see a 'Timesheets/Assignment' option. 

2. To add a timesheet, you may have to scroll down and then click on the '+' icon in the column aligned to the relevant day alongside timesheet/assignment

(For example, in the screenshot below, the employee would be adding a timesheet for July 20th. The '+' icon has turned to a green document symbol where the mouse is hovering over it)

3. This will depend on whether virtual clock is turned on or off.

To enter a time with virtual clock turned on
in simply click on the little clock icon next to the time in and this will stamp the current time. Do the same process for time out.

To enter a time with virtual clock turned off select the time in and the time out by using the 'HH/MM' buttons. 

Adding breaks? You can record breaks (such as lunch breaks) by clicking on the Add More button. Again, simply select the time in and time out.

4. Finally, click on 'Save' and this will save the record (and if required, send an email for approval to the line manager).

The below video shows how an admin would turn on/off 'Virtual Clock'.

You have another option within Timesheets called Assignments. This area is best used to log overtime and specific tasks or projects.  For more information on Assignment Projects and how to use them, please go to:

Your monthly hours logged in timesheets will show on the planner as so:

This will also include your pending timesheets, to keep consistent with the details shown in the timesheet itself. If the timesheet is then declined, this will be deducted from the value on the monthly view. 


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