As an administrator, you can access the Timesheet/Assignment settings. To do this:

1. Go to 'Settings' tab

2. Select ‘Timesheets’ 


Here you can select whether or not Timesheets or Assignment Projects require approval: 

If turned on, when an employee submits the Timesheet or Assignment Project, an email will be generated to the manager to let them know that this requires approval. 

When a Timesheet or an Assignment Project is pending, the box shown within the planner will have a dotted lined around it:

The manager and admins can view/approve/decline this request from the authorisations tab. For more on Authorisations, please see this article:

--Create Projects and Define Access--

You can define access rules for each Project, meaning an employee cannot log their overtime with a project that does not relate to them. For example, you may set it as the following:

Project: Overtime

Task: Saturday Overtime

Detail: Time and half

When setting up the Project, you can limit the access to this option by using the Company/Location/Department/Employment Type/Job role filters. Alternatively, you can specify certain employees to use this project, or to exclude from this. 

Once this has been added, you can create a Task to link to this Project and a Detail to link to the Task. Using the example above, only the employee’s using the ‘Overtime’ Project will be able to use the 'Saturday Overtime' task. Following on, this is the same for selecting a Detail, specifying which Task this relates to. 

--Can Timesheets/Assignments be added via the mobile--

Timesheets can be added on the mobile via tap in tap out - instead of an employee logging a manual timesheet they can clock in and out through an extra feature on the mobile app. To learn more, please see:

Assignment Projects on the mobile app are called Timesheets. Admins have the option to turn on/off the ability for users to add these on the mobile app. You can find this setting by:

  1. Clicking the 'Settings' tab
  2. Clicking the 'Mobile' tab
  3. Locate the button next to TimeSheet ON/OFF

Please note: If it says TURN ON, it is giving you the option to turn on, meaning it is currently turned off.

On how to add an Assignment Timesheet on the mobile app, please see:


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