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A guide to how to utilise and use the payroll feeds provided by People and how to get more help

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People HR has a standard range of payroll feeds which have been pre-built and are available for use by you. 

Standard Feeds

To use the standard feeds:

  1. You need to use the instructions provided to install and configure the feed. The People support team can assist with the instructions but they will not be able to perform the installation - this must be done by your IT team as it requires direct access to your computers.

  2. You will need to produce a test feed and perform a parallel run of this feed by uploading it into your payroll software or sending it to the payroll provider. If there are any difficulties in producing the feed we will assist, however the feed must be sent by yourself.

Custom Feeds

If you have a specific requirement for a feed to a payroll or payroll provider that we do not have there are three options:

  1. You can use the Query option to extract the data yourself.

  2. You can use the API to build a custom feed. 

  3. You can ask us to quote for providing a custom feed. This will be charged on a daily basis and we will require you to provide a specification of what information is required on the feed, this will be a technical specification from the payroll company. 

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