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The People HR to Payescape payroll feed program will provide a set of data from People HR in a format that can be loaded into Payescape Payroll. Here is the download link for the program:

--Setting up--

1. The integration program can be downloaded from the link on page three

2. Once downloaded double click to install the program

3. Once the program has been installed, double click to run it and enter the API key. You can generate an API key from People > Settings > API. If you are unsure how to generate the API key see this article:

Make sure the Query check box is ticked when generating the API key.

4. Create a query that include the following selected areas:

Employee Details (First Column):

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Start Date
  • Department
  • Employee Status

Employment Details (First Column):

  • Payroll ID

Salary Details (First Column):

  • Payment Frequency

Contact Details (First Column):

  • Employee Address
  • Account Code (bank account no)
  • Account Name (bank account name)
  • Bank Code (sort code)
  • Bank Name (bank name)
  • Bank Address
  • Personal Email

Leavers (First Column):

  • Final Day of Employment

Work Pattern (First Column):

  • Working Hours

This query does not require any filters. Save as "Payroll : Payescape"

--Running the program--

1. Enter the API kept that you created in a previous step (if not already done)

2. Select the output folder for the file(s) that will be generated

3. The Country is always ‘United Kingdom’ for now. In future, it may get extended

4. Select Payroll Period (Start and End Dates)

5. Tick ‘Employee data export’ for the employee feed

Tick ‘Overtime export’ for overtime worked. This will create a .csv file containing the following fields:


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