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Locate Leaver Record / Rehire a Leaver
Locate Leaver Record / Rehire a Leaver

Access and reactivate a leaver's record or edit Leaver info

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You have all of your Leaver information stored onto the system. If you have a previous employee coming back into the company, you can rehire them and reactivate their record that contained the employee's information and previous documents, contacts etc.

--To access a leavers record--

  1. Click the 'Employees' tab

  2. Click on the 'Quick Filters' drop-down box

  3. Select 'Leavers'

  4. Locate and click on the employee record

--Rehire a leaver--

From here, you can view all information stored on the leaver's record, or select 'Rehire' in the top right-hand corner.

When rehiring a leaver, you are prompted to fill out a few details - much like when you first add a new employee to the system. 

--Edit Leaver Info--

If the leaving date is in the future, you can click back on the leaver wizard within their record and edit the information.

If the employee has already left, you will need to rehire them, please refer to the rehire. Make sure you rehire them with their original entitlement. 

To make sure this doesn't affect the employee record, ensure that you rehire the employee with:

  • Original start date

  • Prorata entitlement 


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