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IOS & Android Mobile App Release - April 2018
IOS & Android Mobile App Release - April 2018
Fixes and enhancements
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SI-2323 - When any invalid characters are typed or copied/pasted into the mobile app, you will receive an error message displaying the following -

Input can’t contain any of the following characters: | ^  ~ ‘ \

SI-2732 - A change has been made to the validation checks to ensure an employee with an apostrophe (‘) in their email address will be able to log in through the mobile app.

SI-2537 & SI-2548 - When creating a Pulse survey, admins will now have the ability to select ‘All Employees’ instead of doing this individually.

SI-2619 & SI-2618 - New companies will now have the option to sign up for a free trial account through the mobile app. This option will be available from the login page. For more information on this, please see:

SI-2621 & SI-2623 - We have made a change to the display of the ‘My Requests’ tab. This is to accommodate a new addition to this area; Assignment Project requests.

SI-2620 & SI-2622 - On settings page within the mobile app, there will be an option to view all product announcements. Clicking "What's new" will open up the web browser to display announcements. For more details, please see:

SI-2617 & SI-2616 - As well as managers having the ability to add a comment when declining an expense, the employee will now be able to view this in the ‘My Expenses’ screen. For more information on this, please see:

SI-2331 & SI-2556 - Admins can now be selected to answer a Pulse Survey. If this is the case, they will not be able to edit this poll - only admins that have not been selected to participate can do this.

SI-2538 & SI-2549 - A delete option will be available for Pulse surveys, whether they are scheduled or have been started. You will now also have the option to cancel a survey whilst you are in the progress of creating it.

SI-2532 & SI-2552 - Employees will now have the ability to update their personal information on the mobile app. There are no changes to access here - they will only be able to edit what they already can on the desktop version. Please see the below article for more details:

SI-2533 & SI-2553 - We have made some changes to the Planner screen on the mobile app. You can now view information on a Weekly or Monthly basis for a better view of who is away from work. For more information, please see the link below:

SI-2529 & SI-2555 - Users can set their preferred language on the mobile app as well as the desktop version. On how to do this, please see:

SI-2535 & SI-2551 - Managers and admins will be able to add a sickness to an employee’s planner via the mobile app. For more information on how to do this, please see:

SI-2534 & SI-2550 - Employees can now submit a Project Assignment from the mobile app. For more information on how to do this, please see:

SI-2632 & SI-2631 - We have created a new app called ‘Video Recruit’ that allows applicants to answer an application question through a video or voice recording. To learn more, please see:

SI-2741 & SI-2669 - A change has been made to the way documents are viewed/downloaded on the mobile app to resolve problems on both android and IOS. 

SI-2751 - We can confirm that employees are no longer able to delete an other event in the past on the mobile app or desktop. 

SI-2843 & SI-2845 - When clicking Settings, you have the option to ‘Ask us a question’ which will direct you to a live chat with the Support Team. 

SI-2554 & SI2531 - The Burger menu (three lines at the top of the app) will display a figure which is sum of all pending requests + documents that require a signature + unread chat messages. This is to notify you on anything that required to be looked at further. 

SI-2271 - We have made an amendment to the submission of expenses - if the phone is locked or the app is closed during submission the expenses will continue to upload and submit. 

SI-2842 - When clicking on an employee in the Company directory, if they did not have a profile picture the app automatically closed. This has now been resolved. 


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