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How to add a hyperlink within the text editor
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When adding news, you can add a hyper link so that an employee can click on a word and be directed elsewhere, such as a 'Click Here' button. To do this:

  1. Firstly, click on the News tab and select to 'Add News'.

  2. Then, click on the button highlighted in the screenshot below:

3. Please see the example text below on what to input in the HTML pane.

Example text:
<a href="">For Example Click Here</a>

Breakdown of each part of the example:

  1. <a href=      -  (reference to link - do not change) 

  2.”       - (the link of the website you wish to redirect to)

  3. >For Example Click Here       -  (what to name your link button)

  4. </a>         - (end of HTML - do not change)

The text should look like this:

4. Once this has been added, click back onto the pencil icon to enter more text. This should look like:


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