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(Admin Only) Build a query on all salary changes

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When you create a query on salaries, this will automatically bring up the employee's current salary. This article will explain how to build a query on previous salary information. 

For more information on the query builder itself, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/reports-and-queries/queries-how-to-create-a-query

To browse a list of all of our query articles, please see: https://help.peoplehr.com/reports-queries-data  


To create this query, first you will need to click on the Queries tab and select the plus icon. From here:

1. Click the 'Salary Details' option in the first column

2. In the next three columns, scroll down to the salary information. 

3. Select all information you wish to include in this query - as you will be including history later on, we advise to ensure that 'Salary Effective Date' and 'Salary Amount' is ticked. 

4. Click Next - you are now in the 'Filters and Options' page

5. If you skip this page, the query will retrieve all active employee's and their salary information. You may wish to use this area to filter by name, effective date, salary amount etc. 

6. Once you have chosen your filters (if any), click Next.

7. Name your query (you can also select a category and/or write a description of this query. 

8. Click Next and you will be provided with a list of employee's and their current salary. 

9. From here, click on the 'Options' button:

10. You then have the option to include leavers in this query, or show history (in this case, salary history.)

11. Click Save!


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