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Adding Audio/Video questions to a vacancy

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Setting up

Within the 'Questions' tab of a vacancy, you will have the ability to set up questions that can be answered by the applicant via a video or audio recording.

To add an audio/video question:

1. Click 'Add Question next' to the audio/video option - this will take you to the screen shown below:

2. Question - type the question which will be displayed to the applicant

3. Type - select whether the employee will answer this with audio (voice recording) or with video.

4. Max Duration - specify how long will the applicant have to answer this question (You can input a maximum of 3 figures in the minutes field, and 2 in the seconds)

5. Max Retakes - specify the amount of times the applicant can re-do their answer. (You can input a maximum of 3 figures in this field and if not specified, the applicant will only have one attempt)

6. Click 'Add'
(You do not have a limit of how any questions you can add per vacancy)

Your questions will be displayed within the vacancy internally as below:

How does an applicant answer these questions?

In the personal tab of an applicant's record, you will find an 8 digit code:

Applicants are required to download an app (Video Recruit) to answer these questions, where they will be prompted to enter in their individual code. Below are links to download this app in the App Store and Play Store - depending on your phone type.

You can use the Email Applicant to invite an applicant to answer your audio/video questions as well as provide them with the information they need to do this. There are some merge tags available for this email:

Learn how to create an ATS email template here:

There is also a step-by-step guide on how applicants access and answer audio/video questions, you can add this link in the email too!

To view the answers to the questions:

1. Click into the applicant's record

2. Select the 'Scorecard' tab

3. Select 'View Audio/Video Questions and Answers':

You will then be presented with the following screen:

As shown above, from here you can:

  • View the recording whilst logged into the system

  • Download the recording file to your computer

  • Flick through each question using the arrows

  • Click 'Answer Viewed History' to find an audit trail of users who have viewed this

  • Click 'Download History' to find an audit trail of all downloads


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