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ATS Video Recruit - Applicant Point of View
ATS Video Recruit - Applicant Point of View
How to answer audio/video questions when applying for a vacancy (ATS Video Recruit)
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This article explains how an applicant can answer their Audio/Video questions.

To learn how to set these questions up as a People® user, please see:

As an applicant, you may have already received an email or a call from the company you are applying for in relation to answering some video/audio questions. This should have included your individual 8-digit code.

You'll be required to download an app (Video Recruit) to answer these questions, where you will be prompted to enter your individual 8-digit code. Below are links to download this app in the App Store and Play Store - depending on your phone type.

Your phone will ask you if you wish to allow permissions for this app to use microphone and camera, this will have to be marked as YES in order to answer the application questions.

Once downloaded, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter your email address and your 8-digit code

2. Here, you will be presented with the job title, company name and job description select More Details on the vacancy to get started.

3. Then select Start Interview.

4. You can then see the questions and the maximum retakes (how many times you can attempt your recording for this question). You can either re-record your answer this many times before moving onto the next question or at the end of your interview you can review all the answers you've recorded and re-record those you want to change up to this limit:

5. When recording, you have the ability to delete the recording, stop and pause.

Note: The stop button (the middle button) will finish your recording.

6. Once all questions are complete ✅ you are able to review your answers, retake or submit.


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