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People, AD and Powershell
People, AD and Powershell
How to use People to update your AD using Powershell
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Please note this article is an advanced article designed to be used by technical teams who have understanding of using Powershell and have access to a test server environment.

People cannot update your AD directly with changes to certain attributes such as job titles - this is because you would need to

  • a) open up your AD over the internet so our servers could see it

  • b) provide us with your administrator level passwords

The safe implementation of updating your AD is to use the following technique, which runs on your servers:

  • a) use the People API or Query tool to generate a list of attributes that need to be updated to your AD

  • b) use Powershell to update your AD

We've documented how to use our API and Query to get data out:

What's not always clear is how to program the Powershell script so we've helped and put an example script together which is attached within the link below:

The script takes a CSV file (which you will have generated using our API or the Query).

Row 1: "Action","FirstName","LastName","EmailAddress"

Action column should contain one of the following values




The Script makes a search in the AD based on EmailAddress field.

At the top of the script, there are 2 variables, which you should modify according to your environment:

$OuPath ="";

$UsersCsvPath ="C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ADUserManager\ADUsers.csv"

$OUPath can contain the value of Organizational Unit in AD, where you want to create the users. A sample OU path looks like


If OU path is not mentioned, Users would be created inside 'Users' container in AD.

$UsersCsvPath should contain CSV file path, which contains users details.

You can modify the script to add additional attributes or remove those that you do not want to process.


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