The company planner on your PeopleĀ® mobile app is great for quickly finding out who is out of the office on a certain day. For example, you're out shopping and have just had a great idea that requires a meeting as soon as possible. Who will be in the office first thing tomorrow morning?

To locate the company planner:

  1. Click on the tab icon in the top left-hand corner:

2. Select the 'Planner' tab:

3. You will first be presented with the current week's view:

You can use the arrows either side to flick between weeks.

4. Selecting the 'Month' option (shown below) will prove you with the current month's events:

5. By clicking on a certain day, you can view this in more detail:

As an admin, you have the ability to set up whose events other users can view from the company planner. For more information, please see:


Customer Services Team.

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