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Bulk Actions - Manage Team Members
Bulk Actions - Manage Team Members

Set up direct reports and manage teams in bulk

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In this area, you have the ability to assign a manager to a number of employees in bulk, or remove a number of employees from an existing team.

To manage team members in bulk:

  1. Click on the Bulk Actions tab on the left hand side:

2. Select the 'Manage team members' option:

From here, you will be presented with the below screen:

3. Using the 'Select Employee' area to choose a specific manager - this could be an existing manager, or someone who you wish to make a manager. This will bring up a list of employees that already report to this manager. 

--To add employees to a team--

Click 'Add Team Members' in the bottom right hand corner:

You'll then be presented with a list of employees who you can select:

Once selected, click Save. Much like when you make a change to an individual's record, you will be prompted to add an Effective Date and a Reason. 

--To remove employees from a team--

Once selecting a manager (as explained above), click on the employees you wish to remove from the team. From here, click 'Remove From Team':

Again, you will be prompted to add an Effective Date and a Reason for this change. 


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