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Bulk Actions - Book Holiday

Book holiday leave for one or more employees

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To do this:

  1. Click on the Bulk Actions tab on the left hand side:

2. Select the 'Book Holiday' option:

3. Use the filters for a quick way to select the group of employees you wish to book a holiday for. Filters explained below screenshot:

As well as filtering by Company, Location, Department, Job role and Employment type, you can also specify in a little more detail as to who will be included or excluded from this change.

Specific Employee(s) - When using this filter, the system will look at this and nothing else (other filters will revert back to ‘All’ by default). 

Exclude Employee(s) - There may be a certain employee that lands in all of your above filters but needs to be excluded from change, such as the department manager or the CEO. 

Test Rule - Once you have used the filters, click this button to view a list of all employee's that fall under that specific filter to ensure you have included everyone. 

4. Click 'Next' in the bottom right hand corner. 

5. From here, you will be presented with the normal holiday booking page. Select the Start and End date and add any comments if required. 

6. Once done, click 'Save'.


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