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Enhancements and fixes
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Below you can find a list of all fixes and enhancements that have now been released. For information on our new features, please see: https://news.peoplehr.com/

SI-2713 -
When the carryover takes place on the first day of the holiday year (using the set carryover rule), the value of last year’s remaining entitlement will still be shown as remaining to maintain correct reporting.

SI-2662 - Rejected expenses will be included within the Authorisations tab - this means that employees will be able to view all of their rejected expenses and the comments as to why this was declined.

SI-2715 - The TOIL formatting displayed within the planner has been updated to ensure that all characters of the TOIL balance show accordingly.

SI-2643 - Full time hours and Contracted hours information will be successfully pulled through when using the required API call. 

SI-2469 & SI-2546 - A change has been made in the background to resolve an ‘Oops’ error message occurring when viewing the filters area of some specific queries. 

SI-2360 - When creating a query on internal questions within the ATS, the employee ID was pulling through instead of the answer. This has now been resolved to ensure both the question and answer pulls through correctly. 

SI-2693 - A change to an ‘Absence’ field within the query builder has been made to ensure correct spelling.

SI-2289 - You can now build a query on how many holidays an employee has accrued to date. This option is called: Pro-Rata Remaining Holidays. To learn more, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/reports-and-queries/holiday-entitlement-accrued-to-date

SI-2522 - Additional fields added to the query builder. In the section ‘Assignments’, you can report on decline reason and authoriser details. In the Employee section, you can now report on the 2 analysis codes. To learn more about analysis codes, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/setup/setup/user-defined-fields-analysis-codes 

SI-2399 - If you query on the Longitude and latitude of a TapInTapOut, this will now pull through the correct information. 

SI-2699 - When storing email files in an employee’s documents tab, if this fails for any reason (employee email removed, employee deleted etc.), an email will be sent to sender to let them know this was not delivered. For more information on how to store an email as a document, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/documents/store-emails-on-an-employee-record-documents-tab

SI-2498 - Changes have been made to ensure that a user with proxy access to Performance Settings has the ability to create a performance review template. 

SI-2442 & SI-2615 - When clicking the Performance tab, employees who have yet to start their review will be taken into account when displaying Performance statistics. 

SI-2561 - A validation message has been added if a double hyphen (- -) is added to a performance segment title letting you know that this is unsupported. 

SI-2610 - A change has been made to the validation message when trying to delete an employee’s performance review. This is to ensure that the admin is aware that if the review is deleted, 360 feedback will also be deleted and unretrievable.

SI-2676 - If an admin has a manager and shares their performance review, the pop up box will now confirm that this review will be shared with [Manager’s name].

SI-2684 - You are now able to successfully delete a document from a logbook and amend any other changes. This document will also be deleted from the employees’ documents tab.

SI-2694 - The value shown next the 'Authorisations' tab will only show the number of requests from the users you have access to (Direct reports/Indirect Reports/Proxy user).

SI-2698 - A slight change has been made to the wording shown in the Performance tab ‘Filters’ option to show as ‘Shared By Employee’ as opposed to ‘In Shared By Employee’.

SI-2714 - Deleted employees will no longer show within the Bulk Actions tab. Once an employee has been deleted, their information will not be stored elsewhere and will be unretrievable. 

SI-2733 - An error message is no longer presented when sorting by categories within the queries tab.

SI-2588 - If you select to alert employees via email when posting News, the link included in the email will still require a login to maintain security. 

SI-2652 - We have resolved an error that was presented when changing an employee’s address. 

SI-2666 - A user will now have the ability to add an Assignment Project via the API with the duration of 24 hours. 

SI-2658 - We have updated the logic on rounding when changing the duration of an event for an employee with a no working pattern.

SI-2628 - When a user has proxy access to another employee’s salary, only the salary option within their personal tab will be available to edit. 

SI-2656 - If a user is a hiring lead to a vacancy within the ATS and proxy access to request job approvals, this additional access will not limit their standard access as a hiring lead. 

SI-2688 - Turning off/on the visibility of logbook screens in the Employee Settings tab will now prompt a responsive ‘Reason for change’ box. 

SI-2704 - When booking a holiday that exceeds a 1 day duration, if the first or last day was only 0.5 of a working day, AM/PM information will now be displayed in the query builder

SI-2721 - We have resolved a case where emails were not being triggered to the manager if an other event was requested via the mobile app. We can also confirm that approvers will now be shown within the Authorisations tab for these requests.

SI-2609 - When attempting to move an applicant to the ‘Accepted Stage’ when the applicant hasn’t been approved yet, the correct validation message will occur. 

SI-2576 - A change has been made to the background procedures of vacancy request authorisations (Job Approvals). The value (Approved/Declined) will now be correctly presented in the email triggered to the user who requested the vacancy. 

SI-2390 - A user with proxy access to request job approvals will not be able to amend the status of this vacancy. 

SI-2345 - Enhancements to the Training matrix have been made to improve performance. 

SI-2636 - In some cases, an employee’s contracted hours had swapped with their full time hours. This has now been rectified. 

SI-2689 - The save button for Return To Work forms will now be responsive for all users, including Admins. 

SI-2758 - The exact duration of a sickness will show correctly within the mobile app and desktop site. 

SI-2475 - Deleted transactions will be ignored when deleting drop-down option from a logbook. This is to ensure you are able to delete a logbook, even if they have been used in a deleted user’s record. 

SI-2505 - Admins will now have the ability to delete signed documents. 

SI-2776 - When an Other Event is approved via email, the webhook will pull through the correct duration of this event. 

SI-2792 - Users will only have proxy access to the Performance area if specifically given by an admin. 

SI-2802 - Mobile number is not a mandatory field when adding an applicant through the ATS or via the API, and therefore users will be able to complete this process with populating this field. 

SI-2788 - The following fields have been added to the query builder: IP address of signed document, Deleted Sick record (Yes/No), Sick Deleted By, Sick Deleted On, Deleted Other Event Record (Yes/No), Other Event Deleted By, Other Event Deleted On.

SI-2686 - Admins are now able to query on deleted employees. Please note that we are not retaining any personal information of a deleted employee - simply their name, deleted date/time and deleted by. This is for auditing purposes. For more information, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/employee-profile/what-happens-if-i-delete-an-employee-record

SI-2819 - Some errors that were occurring in relation to ripple processes have now been rectified to prevent process steps from looping and exceeding the maximum steps allowed. 

SI-2822 - The user who approved a holiday request will be shown as the Holiday Approver in the system.

SI-2852 - The loading issue when logging in for the first time and confirming address details has been resolved. 

SI-2897 - In some cases, when updating employee record via API, the change was only shown in the history audit of this field. This will now also display in the specific field as the most recent change. 

SI-2691 - The correct validation message will appear if an Admin adds a holiday to an employee record that exceeds the maximum consecutive days allowed to be booked in one holiday instance. 

SI-2895 - We have updated the CAPTCHA security function when typing the incorrect password after 3 attempts to the latest version.

SI-2463 - When calculating accrued hours within Bulk Actions, this value will round up to the nearest 0.25 (15 mins).

SI-2750 - We have updated the logic for displaying addresses to use more fields when identifying unique addresses through the Post Code Finder. 


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