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How to Integrate People with Process Street via Zapier
How to Integrate People with Process Street via Zapier
Systemize employee onboarding by integrating People with Process Street
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How do you make sure your employee onboarding process is consistent? 

The whole point of onboarding is to get the new hire set up with everything they need so they can become productive and settled as quickly as possible — if you forget key steps, the whole process will fall apart, leaving you in a whirlwind of dissatisfied employees and incomplete forms.

If a task needs doing more than once, it’s worth documenting. That way, there’s no need for your team to spend time searching for information, or figuring out the best way to get something done. Less wasted time, less margin for error.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect People to Process Street, a business process management tool commonly used for employee onboarding, sales qualification, or any recurring task with multiple steps.

To get started, you can add a premade employee onboarding process to your free Process Street account and customize it to match your existing methods:

So, how exactly does this integration work?

  • A new starter is added to People

  • Zapier picks up the starter’s information, and sends it to Zapier

  • Zapier triggers a new checklist in Process Street, populates the form fields (employee name, role, start date) with People data, and assigns the HR manager

  • The HR manager works through the checklist in Process Street, making activity team-visible and easy to track

To connect apps with Zapier, you’ll need an API key from each. API keys let applications send instructions and information to each other. Head to People settings to generate an API key:

Log in to Zapier. Click “make a zap!”.

We want the zap to trigger every time a new starter is added, so select “New Starter” as the People trigger:

Using the API key you generated earlier, connect your People account to Zapier:

In the test step, People will pull in data from a recent starter so that it can push that data to the onboarding checklist.

With that done, it’s time to move onto the second half of the zap.

Here, connect Process Street and choose “Create Checklist” as the action.

Go to your Process Street settings by clicking your organization’s name, and generate an API key:

Connect your Process Street account to Zapier, just like you did with People in the first step.

Here’s where things get really cool.

You can assign your HR manager by default, and automatically fill fields in the onboarding checklist with values from People like the employee’s role, name, contact details, and more:

Click the add field menu on the right hand side of every field to add a variable from People. After the fields are linked, you will have a checklist for each starter that automatically populates with their details, making it easy for the HR team to centralize data and avoid switching between applications.

Back in Process Street, you’ll see a new employee onboarding checklist, full of information from People and assigned to the person who will be in charge of the process:

Now, the person assigned can work through each task in the list and ensure the onboarding process is as smooth, consistent and comprehensive as possible.

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