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The Plugins tab will allow you to run additional payroll feeds and utility programs directly within the system. This feature is only available in the Professional edition and above. To discuss switching this on in your licenses, please contact your administrator via the chat icon, or emailing

New Request:

Entering the ‘New Request’ tab will display the list of Plugins you can process, selecting one from the list will display the user interface for each Plugin. The individual plugins help documentation is linked below:

Requests tab: 

Under the request tab you will see a history of all past requests, this will include the name of the plugin you previously processed as well as the status.

If you have just made a request under the 'New Request' tab, it will be populated under this section with the status 'Submitted'. Each request can take up to 2 minutes to fully process. 

The download column will allow you to download any files that are attached to that request.

The repeat column will pre-populate the settings of that request so that you can process the exact same request again.

If your request failed for any reason, in the far-right column you will see a red folder icon - this will provide you with a more detailed error on why the request has failed. 


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