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Plugins - Payslip Loader
Plugins - Payslip Loader
Loading payslips in .pdf format into employee records
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Please ensure your payslips follow the below formatting guidelines:

(1) Ni No. is not a supported keyword, NI Number does,

(2) Pay Date format should have a separator - or /. eg 27/Apr/2022 or 27/04/2022 instead of 27 Apr 2022.

(3) Moreover, since the employee ref is 6 digits and that makes the tool recognises it as part of the NI Number. Workarounds such as padding leading zero to the employee ref, or avoiding putting Employee Ref. and NI Number in the same line.


This feature allows you to load payslips that have been generated from your payroll system into the employee documents section in People®. 

To use this tool:

1.  Create a folder on your computer than contains the payslip files. 

2. Create and copy an API key that includes the endpoints 'Employee' and 'Documents'. On how to create an API key, please see: 

3. Once you have created the API key, click on the 'Plugins' tab:

4. Select the tab 'New Requests'

5. Select 'Payslip Loader':

6. From here, you will be presented with the below screen: 

7. Enter API Key:
Paste your API key in the first field.

8. Location of Payslips:
Select the 'Browse' button to locate and upload the folder of payslips

9. Payslip naming convention:
Select how your payslips are named.  There are 5 options (see the 5 options below).

  • (1) xxx-yyy.pdf where xxx is Employee ID

  • (2) xxx-yyy.pdf where xxx is NI Number

  • (3) xxx-yyy.pdf where xxx is employee’s Payroll Number

  • (4) aaa-xxx-yyy.pdf where xxx is Employee ID

  • (5)* xxx-yyy.pdf. Retrieve NI number or Employee ID from payslip

    - Please ensure there is a max of 2 per page to allow even split once the payslips are uploaded.

    - If using this option, please ensure you test with a handful of users before attempting the Live upload. If unsure you can reach out to our support desk to ensure your payslip format is supported correctly.

  • (6)** Retrieve NI number from pre-printed P6

10. Document name override:
You can override the naming convention options from the previous step if you prefer a specific document name you can enter it here. This name will be applied to all documents which are added.

Please be aware if you’re using this feature, we do have a validation in place to check document of the same name under the employee’s record.

We would advise to include a date in the payslip name you provide to ensure the following year some employees are not skipped due to them having a payslip under the same name from the previous year.

11. Document category:
When the documents are uploaded to People, the default category will be 'Payslip', however if you are uploading P60s for example, you can change the name of the category that the document will be logged against.

12. Use yyy as file name:
If you tick this box, the system will name the loaded payslip as yyy.pdf.  If left unticked, payslips will be named as Payslip for xxx.pdf where xxx is the month the payslip was loaded.

The loader currently supports multiple formats including Sage. When using Sage the payslip must be produced using the following approach.

  • Login and Select all employees

  • Right click and select Historical Data

  • Enter the payroll cut-off date as the start and end date

  • Select Payslips, Laser Payslips and the first item on the laser payslips list, this is the 2 per page payslip

  • Export it to PDF

  • The load payslips option will look in the PDF and split it into separate pages and then match each payslip using the National Insurance Number. The uploaded document will appear on the employee's document folder with the name “Payslip - DD/MM/YYYY”. The date is retrieved from the payslip. ** 

13. Select 'Submit' and you will be presented with a screen similar to the below: 

You will then find this in the 'Requests' tab - the most recent request will be at the top. It can take up to 2 minutes to be accepted.

If successful, you will be able to select the 'Download' button to download an audit of this action. If failed, select the red icon to view an error report - you can send this file over to our team at to review and assist. 


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